Wednesday, September 6, 2017

FW: Fw: GMTSS Local Seminar with "Big Al" Yentsch in Mansfield, MA, October 21, 2017







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Saturday, October 21, 2017

9:00 am - 3:30 pm





Executive Director

$25,000 to $35,999 

earned in a 4-week pay cycle


Big Al



Tickets will go on sale at the August 22 UBP in Warwick.

Tickets are $30 each, or 4 for $100.



Holiday Inn Mansfield-Foxboro Area

31 Hampshire Street

Mansfield, MA 02048




  Thank you for supporting your Local GMTSS

Steve Harris

Local Coordinator








Southern Mass and Rhode Island Leadership Council, 5 Lincoln Circle, Natick, MA 01760



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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

FW: Elizabeth Weber Discusses Market America With Big Al And Debbie Yentsch

When it comes to finding the top UnFranchise Owners, one name that is
guaranteed to be mentioned is Elizabeth Weber.

On a verbal overview of the company with current and prospective UFOs,
International Field Chairman Elizabeth Weber talks about how she found
success in Market America | SHOP.COM<>. Elizabeth
has been with Market America since the beginning, but her journey there was
not as easy as some may think. In fact, before Market America, Elizabeth was
in 9 different multi-level marketing companies over 11 years because she
could not seem to find the right fit.

For Full Article & Audio Click Here:

Elsi Pacheco
UFO Marketing Director
Direct 917-261-6155 ext 2 internal ext 7218
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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

FW: Lancaster UBP

Independent Distributor






Featured speaker


Don Martin


                                           Thursday, August 24th, 2017

Lancaster UnFranchise Business Presentation


Courtyard by Marriott Lancaster

1931 Hospitality Drive, Lancaster PA 17601

Phone 717-393-3600



7:30 PM

$7 per Distributor – Guest Free

                            Business Casual Attire                      

FW: Notes for Convention by John Berry sent you a video: "SHOP.COM - The Future of Online Shopping | Marc Ashley, Steve Ashley and Loren Ridinger"



From a business partner John Berry.. Thanks for sharing JOHN….

I am sending this out to alot of people as I wanted to make sure that everyone was at least aware of some of the most important updates from the Greensboro Meeting.

It has been a week since Convention and we have so much activity going on its awesome.  As expected, the International Convention was a shot of adrenaline to the team.

I have forwarded one of the presentations from Marc Ashley from YouTube.  What he presented was amazing!!!  I hope you take the time to watch and read it.



For those of you that did not attend, there was so many new updates, products, technology announcements, and increased ways to build the business and make money.  It

would be impossible for me to remember all of the info and present in a message, but I will provide you a list of some of the most AWESOME things that were presented.  The 

bottom line is the company once again found new ways for us to make more money - easier and quicker.  The only thing needed is... - us and our WHY.


1)  They presented a number of new Isotonix products in Packets form.  This makes it very easy to sample and use.  Great products that taste good.  (yes - I tried all of them).

a) Isotonix Essentials - Women's Health formula  -  designed specific to the health nutrition needs of women  

b) Isotonix Essentials - Anti-Aging formula  -  designed specific for the over 50 or aging market that requirement more focused nutrition needs

c) Isotonix Essentials - Turn Up  -  an Isotonix packet for energy to replace energy drinks.  Max Absorption and packed with nutrients

d) Isotonix Essentials - Turn Down - an Isotonix packet for help with sleep and calmness.  Many people struggle with this


2)  Plant Based Protein Shake  -  a powdered Pea & Rice protein shake for those people that do not tolerate Whey very well.


3)  Trim Tea  -  a packets based product with Tea and nutrients to support weight loss


4)  DNA Miracles  - Vitamin C and Vitamin D chews.  Like the great OPC3 chews but focused on these vitamins.  Tastes awesome!


5)  Pre and Post Natal Plant based Protein Shake - for expecting and new mom's


6)  Essential Oils - A package of 5 bottles of the most popular natural blends of pure oils   (yes this is is a huge growing market - for personal and professional use)



The advances in the technology platform was incredible:

1) New Shop Buddy  -  

  a)  displays on Google searches the stores that are partners and also shows the amount of Cashback and the Deals (coupons) that partner store is offering

  b)  Merchant Price Comparisons  -  Shop Buddy will now expand the ability to compare prices from other stores.  They are starting with the Top 50 store destinations

that are visited through  Not just Amazon and EBay - but also stores like, Walmart, Target, Kohl's, Quill, Macy's, etc...

c)  Best Deal Function  -  Shop Buddy will now automatically search and input every deal that a partner store is offering at check out to make sure the best code is entered.

This will happen at the click of a button and insure the maximum amount of savings is applied to the order.


2)  SHOP Local  -  More advances have been made and more are coming for SHOP Local.  The digital affiliate marketing partnerships with businesses like YELP, Bank of America,

and others will now be connected for our merchant partners and provide additional channels of earning IBV - even when someone goes through YELP to get to our SHOP Local merchant.

Many more stores, restaurants have been added including Starbucks as the program continues to grow.


3)  MA Branded Products on  -  there is now a Tab with Branded Products on which is being organized by customer interest - not just the name of our brand.  

Even more - people will be able to look for specific health conditions or even ingredients to identify the best product solution for their health need.


4)  Hands Free interface with and  -  Market America has partnered up with ECHO - (yes,'s Echo) to link our technology to the voice activation

system.  We will be able to order products, check info on our business, many more just by saying - "Alexis - order OPC-3....  So cool and it takes another excuse away from 

customers as we can do the same thing.


5)  Virtual Reality interface  -  coming in the future, we will be able to go through our entire Mall without Walls ( with Virtual Reality to shop.  The demo they showed was cool.


6)  Text Interface for Business Info  -  you can simply text what info on your business you want to see - such as "show me BV" and you get an instant text showing you the BV levels in your BDC's.


7)  Gift Registry's - It used to be you could create a Gift Registry just from our One Cart Partner Stores.  This left out some of the more popular stores that people like to use for Gift Registry's -

like Macy's JC Penney's, Toy R Us, etc...  Not anymore.  Now all of our Partner stores can be included in a gift registry.


8)  Price Alerts  -  A new feature for Price Alerts make it easier and more realistic to save money.  Now when you create a price Alert for a product you want to buy - but are looking for a lower

price, Price Alerts will search all of for 60 days and as soon as any store has the product you want to buy for at least 5% or more off the lowest price originally shown - the purchaser

will get a message informing them where to go buy it for less money. 



The company made it easier for us to earn more commissions with BV and IBV.

1)  BV Commissions -

a)  They are inking deals with major Brand Name companies and products - such as Glad Trash Bags, Angel Soft Toilet Paper, Lipton Tea, Bottled Water, and many more and giving us between 35%  - 55%

BV on these everyday products people buy.  This is a Game Changer for driving more BV through our business and achieving the Shopping Annuity Master Member plan.  Incredible!!!

b)  In addition - the company is now going to develop our own brands of everyday use products like toothpaste, deodorant, etc... based on what we (UFO's) want and offer even greater BV % for these

everyday use products.


2)  IBV Commissions  -  The company went to some of our partner stores that were not offering any or very little Cashback and IBV and said this is unacceptable.  Stores like Walmart, Target, etc... and 

they have agreed to increase the amount of Cashback and IBV for the more profitable products people are buying.


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MasterCard Gift Card -  Yes, we will have very shortly our own MasterCard Gift Card that can be used anywhere to buy Anything or Pay for Anything - like bills and earn 2% IBV!!!


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ eGift Program  -  The company continues to expand the types and number of partners that we can buy a Merchant's Gift card and earn Cashback and IBV for it with higher %'s.  You don't

get anything when you buy the gift card from the merchant direct or from a store  - like a grocery store.  With you do.  People are already buying them  Now they can get paid.




Earn on Utilities  -  Within 30 Days, we will be able to pay our GAS, Natural Gas, and Electrical Bill and earn IBV.  This is for both Residential and Commercial.  Imagine going to people and even better -

places of business, and telling them they (and we) can earn money having them pay for their utilities through  Unreal!!!




SHOP Financial  -  This Debt Shredder program is incredible and getting better - much better.  We will be able to work more efficiently and effectively with people in various markets related to finances and 

debt creation to earn money connecting people to the program.  Everyone needs to get their free analysis to see exactly how much debt and how much time reduction to pay that debt the Debt Shredder can

reduce.  This is without making more money.




There is even more to share but this is enough.  All the presentations are available to watch on-line.  There are now no excuses for people not to be able to build their own Shopping Annuity and begin earning 

Cashback and Commissions on just about (if not) everything people are spending money on.  I honestly can not come up with a good reason why someone - heck everyone - would not use and

own this business for themselves.  Everyone ALWAYS says - "I don't have time"  or "I don't have the money".  GOOD - these are 2 great reasons to use and own your site and business.  It saves 

Time and Money  - -and creates money through the Shopping Annuity.  It's an incredible income and  business model we build by doing just a few simple things - we already do!


1)  Purchase as many of your own awesome MA Branded products that you can.  Things you now buy from other companies making them money.  Transfer that money to your own business.  Just Smart!

2)  For the things we do not offer through a MA Branded product - purchase those items from your own business and earn Cashback and IBV  -  now even BV at 35% - 55%.

3)  Digitally connect yourself with other people that will do #1 and #2 above to combine all our collective buying power to never not get something back from the money WE ALL SPEND on "stuff" we already buy.

4)  Educate yourself on your business by attending the training's and meetings the company provides to remain informed on your business.




I hope you all truly "Get" this business and what we own.  There is nothing like it.  It creates maximum leverage with the least risk and time to build.  Be willing to pay the price of commitment and action upfront to

reap the rewards for the rest of your life - and your next generations of family lives. It's a 2-3 year plan of you are building your business with the "proven" Unfranchise system.  Your business must be Open!

I always say - "if you know a better plan - please share it with me."  I've yet to get a quality response to this question in over 6 years.  Don't wait.  Start now.  You'll look back and thank yourself.







John Berry has shared a video with you on YouTube


Marc Ashley at International Convention in Greensboro 2017 - Tech Updates








President and COO of Market America Worldwide, Marc Ashley reviews new Partner stores added, raised Cashback and IBV levels, and more Market America exclusive products. Senior Executive Vice President, Loren Ridinger, speaks about Havenly, an online and interior decorating service. Eddie Alberty joins the stage to further explain SHOP Local - President and COO of ...

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Important Message About Big Al & JRs Call This Sunday 8/20 9pm est

We want to maximize the number of people that call in but it is imperative you follow the suggested instructions below.

First of all, I think I speak for all of us when I say MAIC2017 was a giant success. It was everything we could've imagined and more for our 25 year anniversary. We are so happy that you were able to get your teams there because the events are truly the secret to success. Thank you again for all your help and support!

With that being said, it is important to build on the momentum we gained from International Convention and apply it to our business. It is the only way we can truly grow as an UnFranchise Owner. This Sunday night, 8/20, 9PM Big Al and Debbie Yentsch are hosting a conference call with none other than JR Ridinger. This is a MASSIVE training opportunity for UFOs because JR will be sure to touch upon topics he talked about at Convention such as the future of the Shopping Annuity and the UnFranchise Business.

Because JR is the guest, we know that the call will get a lot of listeners. Unfortunately, there are only a certain number of spots on the call PER conference line, so if people call in too late, they will not be allowed to listen, which is not our intention. We want as many people as possible to tune in.

So, we found a solution. Ambassadors, we want you to talk to your teams and have them call into your conference line first. From your conference line, you can then call into Big Al and Debbie's line with all of your listeners on one line via 3-way. Think of it as a massive 3-way call between your team, yourself, and the Yentsch's / JR. This will ensure that no one gets locked out of the call and everyone can listen to what JR has to say.

To review:
1) Talk to your team about tuning into the Big Al / Debbie / JR conference call this Sunday night
2) Have them call into YOUR conference* line FIRST on Sunday
3) Once your team is there, call into Big Al and Debbie's line
712-775-7031 access code: 331520562
4) Sit back and learn!

We will also have this recording available after the call for those that can not join in. We appreciate your help. If you have any questions, feel free to let us know and we will help you out as best as we can. Thank you.